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Top 8 tips for reducing waste- Part three

In part three of my top tips for reducing waste, I’ll introduce you to the next 2 changes you can introduce into your daily life to reduce your reliance on single-use items and ultimately your carbon footprint.

Hooray we are now half way through plastic free July, congratulations on making it this far in your plastic free journey. If you have had a little slip up over the past week, don’t be discouraged if we don’t make mistakes we will never learn anything. Hopefully though, it has made you change a routine (or develop a routine) to make it easier for you to remember your re-usable items.

Or maybe it was something unavoidable that made you question why things are done the way they are. That was us this week- we purchased a new chair. It came wrapped in plastic inside a cardboard box that was so well sealed with sticky tape I don’t even think air could get in or out! It makes you wonder why the plastic was needed when the cardboard box was doing its job perfectly.

Set backs like this can often make us think ‘why bother’ but believe me one person can make a difference. All it takes is one person to start a movement and this makes companies sit up and take notice- such as the recent notice from the large supermarket chains to cease the sale of plastic straws and reduce plastic packaging in the near future. This bring me to today’s tips.

  1. Re-usable straws- While walking our dogs in the park this morning we came across a large amount of fast food packaging littering the ground. As I picked it up I counted 6 plastic straws. There was 2 burger packages and 2 fries containers. This means not only were the straws they used discarded on the ground to be washed down the drain into the nearby ocean, they also felt the need to take more plastic straws than were needed and discard them also. No wonder there are 10 billion plastic straws used every day in Australia. Now I agree there are times when it is nicer to drink out of a straw, so if you don’t want to refuse a straw in your drink consider taking your own. Sites like https://www.biome.com.au/805-reusable-straws have a range of different options including bamboo and stainless steel or visit your local health food shop or bulk food shop to view their range. They often come with a cleaning brush and cute carry bag for storage, so there is really no excuses with this one!
  2. Get rid of cling wrap- I can see why cling wrap was popular in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. It is convenient, sticks to practically everything and prevents food from drying out in the fridge. But with so many better options available these days there really is no need for it anymore. Beeswax wraps have become a popular alternative such as these ones from http://www.theslowdays.com/product/beeswax-wraps or https://beeswaxwraps.com.au/ and if using the wax from bees isn’t your thing there are vegan alternatives as well. I have had my wraps for 12 months and they still haven’t worn thin. Alternatively store your food in a resealable glass container like these ones from https://www.pyrexware.com/simply-store-6-pc-round-set-w–blue-lids/6010170.html.

If you are not quite ready to make these changes yet, continue focusing on the first 4 steps. You will get there!

Pop back next week for Part four.

Leisha xx

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